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Meet Marietta

While many people are motivated by their dreams, visions, and aspirations, her most significant fulfillment comes from helping others reach the top. When her God-given image was distorted by fear, disappointments, challenges, and the chokeholds of life, Marietta Mills Jones not only lost sight of who she was—but whom she was called to influence and empower. After taking an intimate journey to self-awareness, she consciously chose to step out of the clouds and use her stumbling blocks as stepping stones to her great success—in addition to encouraging others to do the same. 


As a licensed minister and ordained elder, Marietta soon realized that the average person needs more than a Sunday morning sermon to experience a life of wholeness and healing. Using her testimony of trials and tribulations to triumph as a launching pad, she made it her life's mission to walk hand in hand with others through life's transformational moments. After more than a year of self-reflection, she recognized that she had to visualize herself as strong, loving, passionate, and worthy of love long before it would manifest in natural appearance. Her unapologetic authenticity, boldness, and courage draw others to her in both the marketplace and the ministry.


As a highly sought-after author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, her willingness to confront the shadow of fear, self-hatred, and the negative opinions of others ushered her into the woman of God He created her to be. In addition to modeling, Marietta co-authored the book, In My Own Words—My Life's Journey from Beginning to Eternity: Inspirational Life Memoirs with her late husband, William Bernard Jones. She authored her sophomore book project, Married to an Addiction, in his honor. Since the release of those projects, she has been fortunate to be featured in several magazine publications and GLOBAL media platforms, including Antigua Barbados Today, all of which are on her YouTube channel.


Her newest project, The Pen That Writes Your Story, is due in 2022.


Affectionately known by many as an overcomer and a mighty force to be reckoned with, Marietta found her most significant purpose and passion in helping others be the best version of themselves, fulfill their hopes and dreams, and recognize their God-given gifts and talents. Follow a significant part of her journey on her inspirational blog at


Marietta is also the CEO & Owner of 4Ever Thankful, LLC.


4Ever Thankful is the brand for Marietta Mills Jones. The site provides inspirational information with the hope will assist readers on their daily journey to recognize (what she likes to call) beauty marks that will inspire reasons to be THANKFUL!  


For speaking engagements or interviews, visit or email You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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