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Once I published my husband's book, I started work on my book “Married 2 an Addiction” a few years after my husband was murdered over a drug transaction went bad. Knowing that the book would be a challenge for me to reveal the pain of being married to someone with an addiction, Tenita patiently walked with me through the emotional process. It took me 6 years to complete! Not one time did she give up on me because she knew I had a story that I needed to tell and most importantly heal from. She was truly a midwife, encouraging me through the pain until the book was birth December 2019. She helped me to gather my thoughts and articulate them in a way only she could do. This is more than a business, but an anointing that’s on her life. I’m THANKFUL she didn’t allow me to give up during the process that has freed me in more ways I could have imaged. I highly recommend her for any editorial and author coaching

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