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Have you ever loved so hard you lost "you" in the relationship? How about once you figured out you were in a self-imposed prison but were unable to figure out how to get free? Well, this sums up what addiction looks like. The crazy thing is that misguided love or perception of what love should be, for people we try to help with their issues, problems, and life challenges can quickly become an addiction of your own.
It's at moments like these that we have to take a close look at ourselves and not "pass the buck" when hit with the ugly circumstance of the life that manifests from the choices we've made.
Walk with me on this journey of love, abandonment, heartbreak, resentment, shame, courage, and freedom. Though you may not be in the shoes I have had to adorn; I know the road I traveled is familiar to us all…" Married 2 an Addiction"

August 21, 2020 600 in the evening Elona



A compilation of inspirational writings. As you read the heart of William Bernard Jones, you will feel his pain, sorrow, joy, triumph, vision, and, most of all, his concluding victory.

If you struggle with addictions, of any form, his words will inspire you to not give up, love hard, and live each day as if it was your last.  Even in our darkest moments, God shows His faithfulness and never gives up on us.

This book was assembled by his wife, Marietta, to fulfill his wishes to leave a mark in the earth.

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